About Us


This Mission has been created to build a healthy economical structure from the viewpoint of our Country and its sustainability by having the basic thought of importance of export accordingly, and;

In developing the foreign trade of Turkey,

Increasing the Export,

Providing services supporting the expansion of Turkish Firms to abroad,

Our Mission here is to provide all types of Consultancy Services from market financial reports to market analysis, from market research to sociocultural surveys needed by the Firms.

Our Firm is targeting to convey Turkish Firms to right fairs in right markets.


By integrating the great power created by the enormous potential of our Country as well as strategic advantages and the enterprising qualities of our people with the abilities of our Establishment; we are aiming to realize the active presentation of Turkish Businessmen and their products in more countries, at the right markets, and at the right fairs, and we are also aiming to serve the realization of bigger export volumes with our experience, persistent customer relations, and with our dynamic organization realization capabilities and our pretentious identity at the international arena at all levels and prevalence.

With this cooperation; we are aiming to amplify the brand awareness and perception at various regions at the process of export of our manufacturers and we are aiming to create a suitable and meaningful cooperation model to the target market within the scope of franchise investments.

Star Expo completely fulfills all services required by international fairs.