Stand Design

For domestic & international fairs, we meet the demands of the companies for their special stand design and production.

We are designing and installing the stands that are suitable with the participating companies’ brands, make a difference between competing firms and to make them noticeable by professional visitors during the fairs they attended.

Our Stand Design team, works in accordance with the needs and budgets of the companies in every region of the world.

In addition, we are also able to rent advertising spaces inside and outside the exhibition area by participating companies in order to reach more visitors and attract visitors.


We are helping the participant firm to apply for the necessary documents in order to get the incentive for the fair to which it participates without spending time.


We provide the most suitable solutions for the transportation and customs clearance of the products that the companies will exhibit at the fair. Our experienced, dedicated team of transport professionals researches, plans and delivers safe, competitively priced transport solutions.

One of the most important elements for the successful participation of the participant company is that the exhibition products are in the right place at the right time. Since the procedures for exhibition and exhibition transport are very different from the export transport and the exhibition products must be at the exhibition area when necessary, there is no room for errors in shipping. For this, it is important to work with transport companies which have a network in every region of the world.


We provide touristic services such as accommodation, flight tickets, visa procedures and transfers for the companies that participate as exhibitors and visitors in international fairs

We are providing services to the team of participant company , reaching the country where the fair is organized in smoothly, and accommodated them in safety.